Best 7 Steps “Add Fonts to Photoshop CS6” 2017

Do you want to learn about the trick of adding fonts to Photoshop CS6? If yes, then you have finally reached the right destination! Adding fonts in your Photoshop content will 100% make it look stand out and outstanding for others? But the main question is that how is it possible! Scroll down and get a complete guideline about adding fonts to Photoshop CS6!
Step By Step Tutorial to Add Fonts to Photoshop 

Add Fonts to Photoshop CS6 Step-1

Add-Fonts-to-Photoshop-CS6-step-1Step-1: If you are not readily accessible with any fonts in your computer system then you can do so by downloading any font. You can do this by clicking on windows download option.

Add Fonts to Photoshop CS6 Step-2

Add-Fonts-to-Photoshop-CS6-2Step-2: Stepping into the second step of the method, you will be downloading it to your hard drive and will be locating the zip file on your hard drive.

Add Fonts to Photoshop CS6 Step-3

Add-Fonts-to-Photoshop-CS6-3Add-Fonts-to-Photoshop-CS6-3Add-Fonts-to-Photoshop-CS6-3Step-3: In the next step, you need to stay little bit alert and conscious. This step will demand you for the use of the WinRAR being known as your default unzip client. For this purpose you have to right click on the zip file and then you will be making a click on the extract here.

Add Fonts to Photoshop CS6 Step-4

Add-Fonts-to-Photoshop-CS6-4Step-4: It’s time to copy the unzipped font by the way of opening the control panel. Look for “Font” option inside the control panel.

Add Fonts to Photoshop CS6 Step-5

Add-Fonts-to-Photoshop-CS6-5Step-5: In just the time span of 10 seconds, the windows will load with all the fonts on the top of the windows screen for you. Choose your favorite one from the list!

Add Fonts to Photoshop CS6 Step-6

Add-Fonts-to-Photoshop-CS6-6Step-6: In order to unzip the font you have to press Ctrl+V so that you can paste up the downloaded font right here.

Add Fonts to Photoshop CS6 Step-7

Add-Fonts-to-Photoshop-CS6-7 (1)Step-7: In the last and final step of the tutorial, just open the Photoshop, and select the option of horizontal text tool. Here comes your newly downloaded font!
Here comes the end of the review! We are sure that this step by step tutorial would be helping you a lot in adding up the fonts to Photoshop CS6 image! It would bring engaging and simply impressive effect in your whole image content!
What are you thinking about now? Let’s try it!

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